Business Process Development

The ultimate goal of each company is to create value for its shareholders and customers.

Due to the increasing competitiveness on the market companies need to adopt very quickly to changing market circumstances.

In order to cope with these challenges we offer our clients a rapid business improvements program, which determines both short-term and long-term business improvement initiatives.

Depending on the needs of our clients the service includes the (re)design of business processes, the (re)design of an organizational structure and the definition of a cost reduction program. The goal of these measures is to increase profitability and improve cash flow and competitiveness on the longer term.

Business process development

Business process development or redesign sets the direction for the improvement of the business process effectiveness and efficiency of the client. The ultimate objective of any business process is to deliver high value products or services to either internal or external customers.

As a part of the business process development project we can develop a performance measurement system for the client. In this case Key Performance Indicators are selected for each business process, resulting in a value driver tree for the client′s business.

Well-documented business processes also provide a strong base for future IT implementations (e.g. ERP systems) and confirmation to external standards (e.g. ISO).

Organizational structure

In line with the business process design we can create an organizational structure which fits the company′s strategy and reflects the motivations, strengths and weaknesses of the employees.

Cost reduction program

The objective of defining a cost reduction program is to reduce the client′s costs, without limiting the growth opportunities of the company.

During the set up of the cost reduction model we thoroughly analyze the company′s financial performance, costs and product portfolio structure. Hereafter we define a cost reduction model which ultimately results in a roadmap, which includes quick-wins, medium term projects and long-term projects.

If you would like to know more about these services please feel free to contact us.

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