Training & seminars

We offer several seminars to our clients in the area of finance. We also organize "in-house" training opportunities which can be completely adjusted to the specific needs of our clients.

Examples of subjects which can be part of the training:

- Financial statements

- Financial ratios

- Time value of money

- Cost analysis

- Methods of project evaluation

- Cost of capital

- Value management

- Loan policies at banks

- Risk management

- Financial markets

- Security analysis (for example shares, bonds)

At this moment we offer the following seminars:

- Finance for nonfinancials

- Financial statement analysis

- Writing a business plan

- Writing an investment/feasibility study

- Banking & Insurance - current topics

Seminars can be organized either in our office or on any other location, for example in the office of our clients.

We use the following languages (choice of our client): English, Croatian, Dutch.

If you would like to know more about our training opportunities please feel free to contact us.

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